Saturday, August 21, 2010

Final Post for EDT 520

Hmmmm, time for some reflection on the movie making process, and on the class as a whole.  Well, for starters, the movie did turn out to be a lot of fun, although really time consuming.  It was so time consuming mostly because of all the troubleshooting that I had to do with Movie Maker.  The program did its job for the most part, but it was REALLY difficult at times to get it just right.  All it took was to insert one transition and the whole thing got screwed up and I would have to go back through and fix the timeline for everything past it.  That, and I find it really cool that it has a lot of sweet transitions and effects that I could have used, but found no place for in the movie.

What I found to be most difficult about the movie making process was the storyboarding.  I really have a hard time planning things out (I really can't even do an outline before a paper, unless it's very general and vague), for the most part I have to just jump into it and see what direction it goes.  I run this way simply because the initial direction that I take with anything I do tends to be far more difficult than I realize, and then I have to either shave it down or scrap the idea entirely.  So I wound up doing what I usually do in this situation: make a very general outline so I can tweak and twist it around later and so I can have some creative breathing room.

Other than that, however, the experience was filled with yelled "Yes!"'s and "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"'s (one very loud one at 4 in the morning which did not please my roommates....) and was overall a good one.  If I  were to do this project again, I would do a few things differently, and I would also be much quicker at it this time, so there would be more sleep this week, but I'm still happy with how it went.

The class itself, I found myself going back and forth about how I felt with the classroom, with how much we had to do and how projects came out and what we were doing with them, but it ended on such a great note that I have to say I think the class went well.  It had to in order to make those amazing movies that we watched yesterday.  Seriously, for any MATer that reads this, I loved your movies, they were awesome.  They were either incredibly professional looking, hilarious, informative, or any combination of those three.  Again guys, I really enjoyed having class with you, it's always a blast!  That's all for now, and we'll see how my blog progresses after this class!

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