Tuesday, August 17, 2010

E-Port... Wait, What the Heck is That?

Okay, so today we took a shot at making our E-Portfolios today, and I have to say, I'm a little bit of a jumbled mess right now. I feel like there needs to be so much in there to be able to meet all the ISTE standards, while at the same time it needs to look neat and clean and distinguished.  Seriously, this is going to throw me off completely!  However, as usual, I will figure it out, it's just a question of time, patience, how much hair I pull out, and playing around with it.

On the other hand, while looking for websites for homework, I found some really, Really, REALLY cool sites that I can use in my classroom!  The first one is from a website called mapsofwar.com which has many really cool maps that show how empires have progressed in different areas in the world during different periods in the world over a period of time.  It gives students a visual on how far empires expanded, where they reached, and when the next one took over.  What is so great about it is that it shows these maps over time, so you see how they expanded, how long it took them to expand, and where they slowed down, stopped, and receded.  Seriously, when I saw this site I geeked out like the History nerd that I am.

The other website I found was one from the University of California, Berkley website (http://webcast.berkeley.edu/courses.php?semesterid=2010-B) and it has lectures on many different subjects, ranging from Japanese to Philosophy to Electrical Engineering to (of course) World History.  It's just really great to see these lectures up from one of the best universities in the country sharing information that teachers can use in their classrooms.  You get to see what they know, what's currently being debated, if any new information has been found, and so forth.  This, I think, will be a great resource for myself, and hopefully other teachers, in the future.

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  1. That website is sooooo cool!! It brings out the history nerd in me too so don't feel bad! I also found some really helpful websites for classroom use and found these e-portfolios to be a overwhelming. We can get through it, and I think they will be very helpful as we go on in our program.